I am a HUGE fan of juicing. Who aren´t these days?! I first discovered it about 6 years ago when perusing the internet looking for a healthier way of life. I had just gotten into triathlon and was looking at how to improve my diet to aid my fitness. Now that sounds a little weird, because normally, most people find protein powders, and and while I found them also, there was a lot of articles on how juicing would help my muscles recover, my body get quick hist of vitamins and minerals it needed and overall just felt like the right thing to try.

what followed was a period of juicing everything I could get my hands on and making weird juices for my friends to try that would literally spit them out they were that gross (yes, you Carrie). I then started to get better. And now, I am a lot better. I´m still not at the stage of using all veggies in my drinks, I´m way too addicted to sugar for that (I´m working on getting off the white stuff) but I do have a few thrown in here and there to help my body get the nutrients it needs and to help my skin glow from the inside and out.