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The Effects Of Stress On Your Hair And Scalp

Rapid heart rate, sleeplessness, upset stomach—the effects that stress has on your insides gets a lot of well-deserved

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I am a HUGE fan of juicing. Who aren’t these days?! I first discovered it about 6 years ago when perusing the internet looking for a healthier way of life.

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I Tried the 4-7-8 Sleep Technique and My God, It Worked Like a Dream

You can practice the technique while sitting or lying down comfortably, maintaining good posture. But since I am specifically testing this out to fall asleep fast, I decided to try it lying down in my bed. From there

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At Shasta Destination Skin the health and safety of our office staff and clients are our top priority.
With the COVID-19 virus having an increasing impact in our community,

We would like you to relax during your visit and immerse yourself into the Spa Experience. For this reason, we have taken extra measures to safeguard our guests prior to arrival. We kindly ask the following: For the safety of our guests and employees, if you or a member of your household has developed any of the following symptoms; Cough, Fever, Breathlessness, Sore Throat, Headaches within the last 7 days please contact the Spa prior to arrival of your appointment or facility use, so we can obtain further information. As a gentle reminder, if you or any member of your household has recovered from any of these symptoms within the last 14 days, we recommend you call the spa prior to arrival. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we look forward to welcoming you (back) to the Spa.